Thursday, December 4, 2014


There a model was attacked in one reality show for wearing a short skirt. Barbaric an act but in Islamic countries women are forced to cover their existence and punished if not followed the rules. 

Two months ago a well known singer of National Importance condemned women for wearing Jeans. Women folk all over the country openly criticized the singer for his out of the place remarks. 

It is to be noted that there no need for a girl to wear a skimpy  skirt to look good and smart. It is a choice party goers and people in showbiz impose on viewers that they need to be in revealing cloths to look different for the day. If they don't have a problem why others should interfere, a genuine question there this outrage of attacking another human for wearing a dress. One can argue on our traditional saree but many forget that saree is the most revealing attire than a fully covered trousers or a shirt or a Jeans and tunic.

There we hear around us a lot of debate on dress code and it turned out to be a sensational issue after our beloved singer spoke against openly against Jeans. One language actress photographed herself in Jeans and dedicated her picture to the singer. Singer remained silent and never apologized on his outbursts.  

Gone are the days people think ladies should cover themselves and sit in one corner of the house . There this element of doubt on dress code. Do we need revealing outfits when one can look classy in a fully covered outfit. 

It is unfortunate that the movie stars are asked to dress up in scanty costumes and youngsters take them in their heart as role models and imitate their dress code. A good film for sure does not need any such dress patterns but for sure need only a strong and solid story line. 

In general youngsters got this tendency to follow the movie stars and when they see their beloved stars in such stunning outfits even they try it out on occasions. Instead of attacking them give them a choice and explain them that one can chose a dress code which can look trendy and at the same time acceptable by  masses..