Monday, January 12, 2015


It is difficult a task to create a shield for heart and mind as these innermost precious belongings of a human being wander through strange fields and collide with pellets of provocations, anger, anxiety and a million other internal and external objects. 

There i read an article in one of the well known  daily newsprints about the mentally angered or agitated people who throw stones at government vehicles and schools and colleges to fulfill their striking demands and cause physical injuries to innocent civilians. At times even the news makers also throw ink stones at innocent ones with a shade of provocation which can also cause inner wounds.  The irony is that even those who can withstand provocations  also fall at times as victims. A series of wrong situations can lead to misfortunes and sadly even the good people also can fall hitting against the blocks of provocation.

Sometimes the shield we build around mind and heart fail to block the sharp edges of provocations and one strong reaction against a provocation can destroy the peace and harmony of life.
It is wise always not to react to a provocation but humans are prone to err and it is unfortunate that at the end we all fall as victims of provocation in one or the other field of life. Even the strongest wall of our heart and  mind cannot block at times even a small action of provocation. 

The world around can be extremely good or bad. Goodness at large provoke not but at certain situations a provocative group can surround the goodness and cause damage and misfortunes and sometimes a few decide to fight back instead of ignoring the provocative segments which leads to a series of actions and reactions and at the end cause pain and sorrow which cause deep wounds and such wounds take ages to heal.

Experiences and incidents can act as a guiding factor and slowly we all learn to build non reactive blocks and shields to get out of the surrounding walls of provocation..

It is true that almost all people regret at one or other point of their life for reacting to a provocative act..

If you can fill the unforgiving minute
  With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run..
(Rudyard Kipling)

As humans we fail on many occasions to remember to walk 

back from one unforgiving moment and we react instantly and fight back on provocations and provocative situations..

Yes, we need to build a strong wall around our heart and mind not to injure anyone but to protect out own peace.... 

May my heart be kind, my mind fierce and my spirit brave to safeguard peace and harmony..

This quote has the power but when in  trouble we humans tend to err.
From the prayer rooms  we can pick up this  prayer....

Dear Lord.. please blanket my heart and mind with your peace and give me strength to meditate even when i come across the hardest alphabets of provocations..

It is difficult but certainly we all can try...