Monday, March 9, 2015


(By Rema Prasanna Pisharody)

How can we call her the Daughter of Only India, She is the daughter of the world who represents the daughters, mothers, young girls, children of this whole universe. There we read almost everyday the news-clips about women who were brutally killed or challenged for fighting back a fate they are forced upon.
Women in general face challenges from the very beginning of her life as girls are not in general welcomed with warmth or love in India. Most of the families desire for a boy baby and very few wish to have girl children.
Women face challenges in society and in home and in every walks of her life but show extra ordinary will power and strength in day to life to fight back to a society which takes her existence very lightly.
(Here is the news clip describing the fate of Miss Honduras María José Alvarado, 19, and her sister, Sofía Trinidad Alvarado Muñoz, were found dead according to reports from the BBC. The two women had been missing since Nov. 13, just days before María was supposed to fly to London for the Miss World competition.

The two were last seen were at a birthday party near their hometown of Santa Bárbara, Honduras, last Thursday. People spotted them leaving the festivities in a car without a license plate. Their family had reported them missing two days later.
According to an April UN Report, Honduras is the "murder capital of the world," with a homicide rate of 90.4 people per 100,000. The high crime rate is almost double that of Venezuela's, which ranks second with 53.7 per 100,000.Investigators said Tuesday they had detained two men and were questioning them with regards to the two women's disappearance. One of the men in police custody is the boyfriend of Miss Honduras' sister, Plutarco Ruiz.)

We all know what happend to Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp on 14 February 2013. On Valentine's Day 2013, Steenkamp was shot dead by the Olympic and Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius, who believed she was an intruder. Pistorius was later found guilty of culpabale homicide on 12 September 2014 and was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.
The case of Aruna Shanbaug is a painful example of how a sweeper took revenge on her and if one search for her name we get the heart breaking information of how a blissful life got reduced to a vegetative state. 

(On the night of 27 November 1973, Aruna Shanbaug was sexually assaulted by Sohanlal Bhartha Walmiki, a sweeper on contract at the King Edward Memorial Hospital, Sohanlal attacked her while she was changing clothes in the hospital basement. He choked her with a dog chain and sodomized her . The asphyxiation cut off oxygen supply to her brain, resulting in brain stem contusion injury and cervical cord injury apart from leaving her critically blind. The police case was registered as a case of robbery and attempted murder  on account of the concealment of anal rape by the doctors under the instructions of the Dean of KEM, Dr. Deshpande, perhaps to avoid the social rejection of the victim, and her impending marriage.
Sohanlal was caught and convicted, and served two concurrent seven-year sentences for assault and robbery, neither for rape or sexual molestation, nor for the "unnatural sexual offence"(which could have got him a ten-year sentence by itself.)

In the case of Jyothi Singh or we called her Amanat, Jagrutee and Nirbhaya as she touched the heart of each and every Indian Women in general and those who believed in humanity in specific.

It is really shocking to listen the viewpoints of the culprit in Jyothi's case as the ignorant level of that convict is such that the gender he represents knowingly or unknowingly believe or told from childhood that such a belief is right. The average male irrespective class, segment always show a predominant dominance over women and women in all walks of life in end up as the victims of such outbursts. The case of Nirbhaya is an example to one such incident.  It is that we do have men who respect women but in general men expect a kind of subordinate existence from their equally talented female counterparts. A male subconscious mind at large  loves a woman who is submissive, obedient and silent that is what came out of Mukesh Singh when questioned in a private meeting. 

After seeing the 60 minute documentary based on Nirbhaya by Leslee Udwin it is understood that it is not World's Daughter's need a documentary but world's Sons and it is time to break the century old  iron curtain of double standards and ignorance. 

When world has more daughters like Jyothi's and  gotr ignorant men like Mukesh Sigh an appropriate title to the documentary of Leslee Udwin should have been World's Daughter..